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Getting started

JRNI uses an extensible system of pages and panels to control what is presented. Each of these Panels can programatically be replaced with a new panel where custom functionality is needed. Extensibility and apps use panels for this very purpose.

This works in the following way; when you log into Studio, the system looks at the apps that you have installed for your business, and then loads in any additional JavaScript panels and code which are part of the app. And in doing so, either extends or replaces existing functionality.

Another route is to control and extend Studio's profile pages. Profile pages include client records, bookings, services, staff members, resources, and so on. Each of these work in a common paradigm, with a tabbed section that can be configured for apps.

Pages and tabs

Studio is made up of a standard set of pages which all include standard functionality. Using extensibility, it is east to set up and add your own custom pages where your own functionality might live.

Add your own pages and tabs in any Studio section, or in the custom pages section. New pages can also be nested anywhere in the system.

Profile pages

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Admin booking journey

The admin booking journey is one of the most complex aspects of the system where users tend to require the most flexibility around structure and business rules.

Fortunately, the admin booking journey is one of the most customisable parts of Studio.


You can navigate around Studio using the side navigation menu which will take you to various parts of the system relevant to your role.

The base menu is grouped into 4 sections, but through extensibility you can customise this to suit your requirement.

Reflection functionality

As well as replacing complete menu items and panels, JRNI Extensibility allows you to add reflection functionality into certain standard panels and facets within Studio. These functions break into a few core pieces of functionality: Validators, FormTransfrom, ActionTriggers and ActiveFilters.

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Getting started

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