Order (Total)

Details an Order Drop

An Order (often referred to as a total), represents a purchase order in the platform. In many cases, this essentially refers to a single booking, however it does have the capability to refer to complex checkouts in which multiple bookings are made, as wall as purchasing of other items, such as pre-paid bookings, and use of coupons and vouchers to alter the price.

The order generally has a member/client link who is person who completed the checkout (or that it was done on behalf of) and generally contains a list of the purchase items - even though there is commonly only one purchase item

FieldUsage / DescriptionAdditional Information
id{{total.id}}Example: 92458394
affiliate_ref{{total.affiliate_ref}}Example: "REFcomd53490
certificate_paid{{total.certificate_paid}}Example: 5023
charge_full?{{total.charge_full?}}Returns true if full payment received
created_at{{total.created_at}}Example: 2020-10-22 13:09:10
currency{{total.currency}}Returns currency
deposit{{total.deposit}}Returns total deposit with taxes
Example: 1200
due_now{{total.due_now}}Example: 1099
external_ref{{total.external_ref}}Example: 92458394
ical_link{{total.ical_link}}turns URL for the calendar entry
last_payment_log{{total.last_payment_log}}Example: {:success=>1, :response=>"lastresponse_logged"}
long_id{{total.long_id}}Example: hm9S8Yx9oiB_AhyVNjc2_
obfuscated_id{{total.obfuscated_id}}Returns obfuscated total id (a.k.a. long_id)
paid{{total.paid}}Returns paid amount
Example: 1399
payment_status{{total.payment_status}}Payment status values


PAYMENT_DUE_NOW = 4 # temporary status when full payment is due
PAYMENT_DEPOSIT_DUE_NOW = 5 # temporary status when deposit payment is due
PAYMENT_INITIAL_DUE_NOW = 6 # status set when intial booking is made - works out which payment type is due

PAYMENT_RECEIVED = 8 # temporary set when entire payment has just be received
PAYMENT_DEPOSIT_RECEIVED = 8 # temporary set when deposit has just be received
PAYMENT_INITIAL_RECEIVED = 8 # temporary set when initial payment has just be received - works out which payment type it was

PAYMENT_REQUEST_REMAINING = 7 # allow the business to request the remaining amount on a bill

PAYMENT_PENDING = 10 # used for PayPal
payment_tax{{total.payment_tax}}Returns payment tax
payment_type{{total.payment_type}}Example: online
payment_reference{{total.payment_reference}}Example: A48283dfkslf
price{{total.price}}Returns price amount
Example: 2599
tax_payable_on_deposit{{total.tax_payable_on_deposit}}Example: 434
tax_payable_on_due_now{{total.tax_payable_on_due_now}}Example: 999
total_price{{total.total_price}}Returns total price with taxes
Example: 35.9
webcal_link{{total.webcal_link}}returns URL for the calendar.
Gmail will remove this url.
app {{order.app.property}}Link to a Custom Object belonging to an app
client {{order.client.property}}Link to the Client Object
company {{order.company.property}}Link to the company object
items {% for item in order.items %}Loop around all of the purchase items in the order
printable_items {% for item in order.printable_items %}Loop around all of the purchase items in the order that are deemed 'printable'