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Details of an Item Drop

A Purchase Item is a representation of a single line item in a Purchase Order. This repfresents that price and paid amount of that item and could link to things such as bookings, a booking, a package, a pre-paid booking set or a recurring class

Most commonly this connects to a booking 9which could be a single booking, or for a class could be multiple), and it has two versions that either show all bookings, or only bookings that have NOT been cancelled


Usage / Description


Link to the company object if they belong to an old style single location


Get the first booking (most purchase items generally have only 1 booking)


{% for booking in item.bookings %}
Loop around all of the active bookings in the item (if there are multiple)


{% for booking in item.all_bookings %}
Loop around all of the bookings (including cancelled) in the item


Get the prepaid booking if that's what this item is related to


Get the external purchase if that's what this item is related to


Get the package if that's what this item is related to


Get the product if that's what this item is related to

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