JRNI Developer Hub - Integrate and innovate

Welcome to the JRNI developer hub.

This hub is designed for developers, product managers and testing teams to understand the solutions which JRNI offers in addition to the JRNI standard customer engagement platform.

More Engagements. Less Waiting. Faster Revenue

Seamlessly integrate your app or online presence with JRNI

Your customers remain in your app on website when they place their event or appointment booking via JRNI.

This is the most common use case with the JRNI platform and APIs.

See https://dev.jrni.com/recipes/service-first-booking-using-baskets-api

We would like to use our own Email and SMS provider

JRNI offers real time booking notification webhooks so you can design, manage and control your customer communications.

See https://dev.jrni.com/reference/notification-webhooks

See https://dev.jrni.com/docs/drops-reference-guide on how your webhook payload can be customised to your needs using Liquid

We would like to automate our staff access and availability into JRNI

The JRNI Bulk Import API allows you to create users (Administrators), bookable staff to take customer appointments and their associated work schedules as well as add and remove locations where customers can attend appointments.

See https://dev.jrni.com/reference/import