Booking/Purchase Filters

Some filters can help you render out information related to a purchase

booking_link_totalRenders out the classic booking link for a purchase total{{ total | booking_link_total }}
booking_url_totalRenders out the classic booking URL for a waitlist space that has become available{{ total | booking_url_total }}
booking_totalGives a text summary of a booking within a purchase order{{ total | booking_total: space }}
cancel_link_totalRenders out the classic cancel link for a purchase total{{ total | cancel_link_total }}
custom_text_totalRenders out all of the extra custom configurable text field objects associated with all resources/services/people/companies in the order{{ total | custom_text_total }}
full_describeAttempts to create a pretty description of a purchased item or booking - you must pass in the company settings (see example){% assign item_full_describe = item | full_describe: %}
important_questions_listRenders out a basic list of questions (for an sms) of only ones marked as 'important.'{{ total | important_questions_list }}
phoneTried to find the best phone numbers for an order{{ total | phone }}
payment_statusGives details of the status of the payment - takes a param that says if this message is for a client or staff{{ total | payment_status: extra_data.admin}}
session_pretty_print_durationAttempts to pretty print the duration of specific occurrences of an event{% assign sess_pretty_print = slot.session | session_pretty_print_duration: slot %}
to_currencyRender a value as currency - passing in the total to help know what currency the purchase was made in{{ item.price | to_currency: total }}
vouchers_filterGives details of any vouchers{{ total | vouchers_filter }}
vat_breakdown_totalGive a breakdown of the VAT on a purchase{{ total | vat_breakdown_total }}