API Request Headers

HeaderJRNI APIMethodExplanation
App-IdAllAll methodsRequired on all JRNI API calls
AcceptAllAll methodsPopulate with "application/json"
Content TypeAllPUT and POSTPopulate with "application/json"
Auth-TokenPublicAll methodsUsed on all Baskets API calls for the customer booking. Returned in the POST Baskets API call response
Auth-TokenAdmin & MemberAll methodsReturned in the Login API response (Single Sign On or Basic Auth).
AuthorizationAdmin onlyAll methodsOnly used when authorizing with OAuth Client ID and Secret for system to system integration. Populate with Bearer {{Token}} where the Token is required from the Oauth login call.
Cache-ControlAllAllMandatory - Populated with "no-cache" to prevent caching of results on Proxies or Proxies returning cached results