Authentication (data webhooks)

The JRNI data webhook integration supports the following authentication types:-

Basic User Authentication

The basic user pass method uses a username and password to authenticate. JRNI will
add a base64 string (username + ':' + password) in the Authorization Basic header.

Basic Token

The basic token method has a single required field: token. The value of this field will
be added directly to the Authorization Basic header.

oAuth 2.0

The oauth2_client_credentials method has the following required fields:

  • accessTokenUrl: Endpoint of the authorization server where the POST request
    for access token will be made.
  • clientId - This one and the next one will be added to the request, either in the
    header or in the body depending on the option from client authentication.
  • clientSecret


JRNI also supports mTLS as an authentication type. Clients can use Mutual Auth in
combination with any other supported authentication methods or as the only
authentication method.